Zak Dimitrov

A 2019 Highly Commended MA Photography graduate selected by Photograd.

University: University of Westminster


Artist Statement: My current project Branches of a Tree in Winter revisits my former lovers. I realised that since I moved to London I’ve been on circa 100 dates so I decided to take a step back, pause for a moment and reflect. Why didn’t it work out with any of them, were we simply incompatible? Was it bad timing? Perhaps something a little more difficult to define. The work does not comment on or define the specifics of homosexual relationships as I believe, although cannot be certain, I would’ve created something very similar if my lovers were female. I reached out to a number of my exes and the majority of them were happy to participate although a lot of them did not follow through (the most common reason being that they didn’t wish to be one of many). We met and spoke about our past, our current situations, love, work, etc. It was emotionally uplifting to see how people were willing to help with no ulterior motives, nothing in return, and the project ultimately helped me gain closure. I combined the portraits with blurred film stills of movies we once watched together and on some I wrote on the negative little things that person used to say to me, such as Enjoy me while I’m here, my dear.

Images from the series  Branches of a Tree in Winter

Images from the series Branches of a Tree in Winter